Welcome 100% British Wool Vet bedding!

Welcome 100% British Wool Vet bedding!

We have BIG and EXCITING news for you this week......

A very warm welcome to a new line of 100% British Wool pet bedding. 

Just added to the website now, currently in gorgeous grey or sumptuous natural cream, this bedding can easily be cut to any size, has a soft rubber backing, which would suit any type of flooring, or could be used as a cosy topper for any bed or surface.

Wool has excellent thermal properties, keeping your pet lovely and warm on chilly nights and cool in the summer. The benefits of wool are vast, wicking away moisture from your damp pet, hypoallergenic and self cleaning, naturally breaking down bad smells. The wool vet bedding is also able to be machine washed!

We think you are going to really love this new product, and it would look fabulous simply used as a rug to keep your own toes cosy!

Let me know if you have any questions - catch up next week!


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