Traditional Vet Bedding (Green Back)

Our Vet Bedding is sold in rolls, rectangles and squares. We can cut to almost any size, so give us a call if you can't find what you are looking for. Veterinary Bedding is one of the top selling brands in the UK. It is recommended and used by many vets, kennels and top breeders throughout the UK and Europe.

Our Vet Beds are of the highest quality, made from  Recycled Plastic Bottles, 100% polyester, has a weight of 1200 grams per square metre and it has an ultra-soft deep (30mm) pile for heat retention to keep your pet warm and dry.

The traditional green backed vet bedding is designed to be double woven to help prevent your pet from being able to chew through it and ensure longevity of the vet bedding.  

SoulPet High Grade Traditional Green Back Vet Bedding   Our FAQ's video may help with any questions you have.