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We pride ourselves on our incredible range of Vet Bedding, a hygienic and warm bedding solution for all small pets, it is machine washable and recommended and used by Vets all around the Country – don’t see a size or colour you like, let us know and we will do our best to help!


Welcome to soulPET

EXERCISE & OUTDOOR LIVING is good for your soul!

"Pet owners know how much their furry friend improves their quality of life. The unconditional love actually provides a wellness boos. On an emotional level, owning a pet can decrease depression, stress and anxiety. It can lower your blood pressure, improve your immunity and even decrease your risk of heart attack and stroke."

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Thursday, 16 May 2019  |  Admin
It's all about the Tiger Print!

Exciting News at SoulPet this week.

Have a look at this beautiful new pattern - Just Arrived!

Tiger Print in Black/Grey. This soft Vet Bedding is 1300 GSM in thickness, perfect for your newborn puppies. 

Vets, Referral Centres, Kennels & Catteries and the Police recommend Vet Bedding as it is the most hygienic bedding for puppies, dogs and all small pets.

Made in the UK, Vet Bedding is also environmentally friends as it is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Machine washable over and over again at 40 degrees. It is very quick drying.

The non-slip is particularly useful for use on hard flooring around the home or in the car when you are out and about.

Available in any size - we can cut to order. The non-slip can be purchased in rolls up to 10m.

Contact me for any more information! orders@soulpet.co.uk

Thursday, 28 March 2019  |  Admin
Time for Dog Coats

Does my dog need a dog coat?  During the cooler and wetter months in the UK, many dogs will benefit from wearing a dog coat.  

Consider what you want to achieve from your dog coat, do you need it to be waterproof, warm and easy to wear?  If so, then do look through our wide range of dog coats, you will find something suitable for your dog. All our dog coats are stylish, but a dog coat is not just a fashion accessory, the perfect dog coat must be practical and comfortable. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and will despatch your order as quickly as we can.  We appreciate that it is often difficult to find the right size and are very happy to exchange coats to get the exact fit. 

Monday, 9 April 2018  |  Admin
National Pet Month

Did you know that it is National Pet Month from 1st April to 7th May? This is a campaign to raise awareness of responsible pet ownership through educational campaigns. At Soul Destiny we would like to add our support to this campaign. Please see the link at the bottom of this news article for more information.

Thursday, 22 February 2018  |  Admin

Our vet bedding is now available in extra large and supersize.  Save money, buy in bulk, very economical for kennels!  Our vet bedding is UK made from the best quality fabric, 30mm pile and 1200g per metre.   Our extra large and supersize rolls are available in Grey and Charcoal traditional green back in the new sizes of 150cm x 10m and 150cm x 15m.  For people who need large amounts of vet bedding this is a very low cost way of buying, the 150cm x 10m is priced at £220 and the 150cm x 15m is priced at £330, both sizes can all be delivered direct to your door for our standard large item shipping cost of £4.95.  Remember we can also cut to order, so please let us know you requirements.  Our vet bedding is Ideal for your puppy, whelping dog and senior dogs needing a comfortable dry bed.    

Wednesday, 31 January 2018  |  Admin

Just arrived high quality vet bedding in new colours of Pink and Green.  Ideal for your puppy, whelping dog and senior dogs needing a comfortable dry bed. Wash at 90 degrees time after time.   Our vetbeds are made in the UK and from the best quality fabric  1200g per metre.   We can cut to order  so please let us know you requirements.