Vet Bedding Off Cuts For Smaller Pets

SoulPet Vet Bedding off cuts are approximately 35cm x 50cm and are ideal for smaller animals.

Our Veterinary Bedding is one of the top selling brands in the UK. It is recommended and used by many vets, kennels and top breeders throughout the UK and Europe.

Of the highest quality, it is made with 100% polyester, has a weight of 1200 grams per square metre and has an ultra-soft deep (30mm) pile for heat retention to keep your pet warm and dry.

The traditional green backed vet bedding is designed to be double woven to help prevent your pet from being able to chew through it and ensure longevity of the vet bedding.

Our FAQ's video may help with any questions you have.

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Traditional Vet Bedding roll whelping fleece dog puppy pro bed (10 colour options) Size: 35cm x 50cm off cuts

SoulPet VetBed, Vet Bedding used by Professional pet carers & vets all over Europe

3 x Traditional Grey Vet Bedding off cuts 50cm x 35cm For Small Pets (3 in Pack)

3 x Traditional Grey Vet Bedding off cuts 50cm x 35cm For Small Pets (3 in Pack)


A bit of info about SoulPet Vet Bedding:  Our Bedding our beds used by Vets to make pets feel warm, secure and cosy when receiving treatment. 

Vet bedding is made from double-strength polyester, with the high fibre density to retain extra heat and allow for added air permeability. They also include unique drainage properties in case your pet has any accidents while they are resting. They are a great choice for older dogs as the added heat is soothing for ageing muscles and joints, and for any animals recovering from a spot of surgery or treatment.

Soul Destiny offer a wide range of colours and patterns to suit. We will also cut to any size you require. The most cost effective way to purchase Vet bedding is by the roll  either 3m, 5m and at special requests 10m. Please do not hesitate to email us at  your bespoke requirements.

Vet beds or Vet bedding is a hard-wearing, everyday bed with unique properties suitable for animals at all life stages. Our vet bedding is 1200gm high bulk grade, giving a greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention making  it distinct from all other bedding on the market.

This bedding can be used for a wide variety of uses, including a safe, comfortable and secure lining for pet carriers. Letting your puppies, dogs or senior dogs to travel in style. The hygienic and draining surface helps to keep your little one dry when the littler tray is just too far to manage. Also the whiff away qualities of the fabric helps minimizing the odours.  Veterinary bedding is ideal bedding for times of illness or recovery. The thick pile ensures great heat retention. Also perfect for cats and other furry friends.  The double weave makes the bedding much harder to chew. Made from non irritant and non allergic material.

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