The sunshine is here at last!

The sunshine is here at last!

Hooray, the sunshine is with us, a great excuse for longer dog walks and spending more time outdoors.

Have you tried any cooling products for your pets before? We are introducing cooling mats and beds this week, designed to help your pet instantly cool down once the belly is rested on it, similar to how they would search out a nice stone floor in the shade, during the hotter months.

The cooling coats do a similar job, ideal to put on for a short period, perhaps following a long hot walk or time in the garden, when they are panting and over heating, it aids the cool down process and helps them to reach a more comfortable temperature quicker.

Other brilliant ways to help our pets keep cool is to use ice in the water bowl and keep toys in the fridge or freezer over night. Always allow them access to fresh water, if inside or outside the home.

Lets hope this glorious sunshine stays a while!



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