British Wool is proving a HIT!

British Wool is proving a HIT!

Having introduced the wonderful British wool vet bedding back in the Spring, we are delighted to report back some amazing reviews and feedback so far. Thank you all for sending your thoughts on the new product.

We have successfully sold our Traditional and Non-slip varieties of vet bedding for many years and it has been interesting talking about the wool and how you are using it in and out the home for your various pets.

'I ordered a 2 metre roll to put on a leather sofa in our conservatory as was fed up with continually rearranging throws. The vet bed arrived the next day and looks fabulous on the sofa, my greyhound, in particular loves it , and I love that I’m only tucking it in say once a day as opposed to about 20! This is the second time I have ordered from SoulPet- fantastic service and product, would definitely recommend.'

'Fantastic quality quick and efficient service.
Purchased for dog use but cats enjoying it'

We really appreciate our customers taking time to leave a review, so THANK YOU!

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