Waterproof Crate mats!

Waterproof Crate mats!

As we approach a long, and possibly wet, weekend, this might be a good time to let you know that all colours and sizes are back in stock of our waterproof crate mats!

The new brown colour is here too, and we think they look fab! Crate mats are great used as a stand alone bed on any floor, but they do also work really well in a crate or kennel, to add a little more support and comfort.

All our crate mat ranges are completely sealed, to help discourage the chewers! They have a waterproof outer cover, with a 2 inch deep medium density fibre filling. They are really easy to clean - just hand wash and hang to dry out. Another huge plus is that they are designed and Made here in the UK.

Have a very Happy Easter - we will be here packing orders over this weekend, but there will only be collections on Saturday (none on bank holiday Friday or Monday) therefore, please keep in mind that your orders will reach you, but may take a couple of days longer than usual!

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