The perfect rainy day dog coat!

The perfect rainy day dog coat!

The perfect staple dog coat for those drizzly walks...

When the British weather remains, well... traditionally British, walking the dog can mean a little more effort involved! Sometimes we just don't want the hassle of rinsing the muddy pooch post walk or trying to battle against a soggy belly on the new sofa! Our full leg trouser suit is versatile and extremely practical for these rainy days.

Made from nylon, the coat is waterproof and easy to wash/wipe clean. It comes in 3 different colours (black, navy and red) as well as ranging from chest sizes 30 - 92cm and leg length 14 - 56cm. There is also the 'half leg' option for those shorter legged pups starting at leg length 6.5cm.

You can find our measuring guide on our website as well as a helpful video to show you how to best measure your dog.

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