Spotted! Pooches on a Postbox around Wiltshire...

Spotted! Pooches on a Postbox around Wiltshire...

We are incredibly excited that we spotted this charming handmade postbox-topper on a sunny weekend walk this May! Found sitting quietly in a residential area of Salisbury, this beauty features 5 crochet pooches sitting proudly on top of a postbox. It was made by a local creative who remains anonymous... however our sources tell us it is inspired by 5 of the different dogs seen walking around the local downs everyday.

This is not our mystery creative's first yarn-bombing, though. They have been known to make themed crochet-toppers that change every month or so: Star Wars characters, Valentines hearts, woodland creatures and Christmas scenes! We think this is such a lovely idea and a playful way to bring community together and uplift so many passers-by on the daily.

Thank you to our mystery crochet creative for making us smile!

So if you're in the local area, come and walk by the postbox to see if you're lucky enough to spot a new theme... it's at the top of St Francis Road and backs on to a gorgeous trail walk through Castle Hill country park (a great free activity with the kids) where there is also a Dog Agility course to try out!

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