Rainy season is upon us!

Rainy season is upon us!

As we inch towards October, unfortunately more wet weather is inevitable here in the UK!

Time to get ourselves equipped with a good pair of wellies and a waterproof coat - for you and your dog!

Dog walks are enjoyable at any time of the year, however, the extra time required cleaning and drying your dog at the end of a walk during the winter months, can sometimes make them feel like hard work!

Our brilliant waterproof trouser suits for dogs are a lightweight waterproof coat, with legs (and designed gaps for toileting) easy to put on, with a step in design and zip along the back.

Save yourself time and money on all the washing/drying of wet towels!!

After walks, simply rinse the coat with warm water and leave to air dry, in plenty of time to be ready for your next walk.

Enjoy your dog walks this week and do let me know if you need any help with sizing - there is a useful guide over on the dog coat page too!

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