New Heritage Dog Toys

New Heritage Dog Toys

We have welcomed a new collection of adorable furry friends to Soul Pet's dog toy collection! Our new Heritage range consists of 5 soft toy animals, a soft toy basket, a fluffy blanket and 4 gorgeous dog coats all available on our website. All matching and featuring the Heritage country-inspired print. We are introducing the dog toys today and why we are lovin' them!

The Heritage dog toys come in 5 woodland creature shapes: Hedgehog, Duck, Fox, Hare and Bird. The toys are multi-textured, including fluffy material, to peak your dog's interest as well featuring a squeak too for their fun! The toys also hold a special scent to help comfort your dog.

The toys are very firm and well made giving them a luxurious feel. We love the traditional, country-side look they have, especially when matched with the gingham blanket!

Check out our website for more info and the full range of products!

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