Guinness in the Sunshine!

Guinness in the Sunshine!

Not the Guinness you were possibly thinking of though?!

Don't you find it strange that animals with black fur coats, lay in the direct sun in the heat of a summers day?!

You might recognise Guinness from some of his modelling days. He is 11 now and starting to show some greys! But still fit and running a couple of hours a day :)

Guinness is a small black Labrador from the Drakeshead line, and has always been healthy dog, with only one trip to the vets in his lifetime!

This week, however, he was constantly sneezing and we worried that he had something seriously wrong, his nose was very sore. But there is good news... the vet pulled out a long piece of straw that had got stuck, and he is now right as rain! :)

Enjoy your summer walks, and try not to sniff up any long grass, or straw!!

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