Waterproofs required for a very wet Wednesday!

Waterproofs required for a very wet Wednesday!

We are pulling out our waterproof macs and brolley's here again today, wow, it is a very wet, cold and windy day in Salisbury!

These brilliant waterproof dog trouser suits are just the perfect solution to combating the hours of cleaning and drying your dog post walk. A lightweight, nylon waterproof all-in-one, with a zip along the back to make it super quick and easy to put on and remove.

The full leg coats are available in red, navy and black. We also do a half-leg, for shorter legged dogs.

We always love hearing your feedback, so if you have any dog coat designs you would love to see for your dog - please do drop us an email at - orders@soulpet.co.uk

Enjoy your dog walking this week!


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