New vet bed patterns...

New vet bed patterns...

We didn't realise March could get any more exciting... we are introducing 5 new design options for our vet bedding!

  • Brown Mouse
  • Black/grey tiles
  • Charcoal paw (with traditional backing)
  • Monochrome cubes
  • Sheep in Green field

4 of these new options are in our Non-slip range which have a rubber backing - making them perfect for the back of cars, crates and beds and on laminate or tiled floor. All of our vet bedding options are super duper easy to clean (machine washable) as well as having naturally hygienic qualities keeping your pet warm and clean. What's more, our vet bedding is eco-friendly and made from recycled plastic bottles in the UK. We offer a huge range of sizes to suit all your needs and can even cut to order if you have specific size requirements.

Browse our full range of vet bedding here.

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